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      An Erotic Blend Of Organic Oils 4 Sexual Healing                                                                                This exotic personal lubricant provides long-lasting pleasure  for sexual healing
      Sexual Healing, oh baby
      Makes me feel so fine
      Helps to relieve my mind
      Sexual Healing baby, is good for me

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    An Erotic Blend Of Organic Oils 4 Sexual Healing

    Did you know that most sex lube are filled our with industrial chemicals designed for cars, oven cleaners, and disinfectants?

    Since most mainstream lubricants contain nasty chemicals, they can damage your genitals and upset a woman’s internal pH and beneficial microbes, making her more prone to harmful organisms.

    Check your lube to see if any of these outrageous ingredients making their way between your sheets:

    • Glycerin – can cause yeast/thrush infections, drying and irritations
    • Parabens an endocrine disruptor that mimics estrogen through your skin.
    • Propylene glycol- Anti Freeze, may cause burning or tissue irritation in some women.
    • Petroleum- products are irritating and suffocating to the skin
    • Chlorhexidine – Used in KY Jelly, (an antibacterial agent that destroys natural bacterial flora in the vagina), increasing yeast and bacterial infections like vaginosis.

    Wink Wink Oil has no petroleum or silicon and completely safe to use

    All-natural and 100% organic.

    Wink Wink Oil is Chemical- and preservative-free (no parabens, petroleum, or silicone oils)  No harsh preservatives or chemicals- and is free of any synthetic fragrances or colours.



    • Prevents infections
    • Chemical- and preservative-free (no parabens, petroleum, or silicone oils)
    • All-natural and 100% organic
    • May help with growth
    • eliminate nasty calluses
    • happy endings
    • temporary rid of wrinkles
    • reduces headaches
    • releases stress
    • anxiety and tension
    • Other uses include massage oil, soothing oil, scar treatment, suntan oil etc.
    • best shared with a friend

    Side affects: May cause downiness, fall asleep easily, swelling, thickening and loss of concentration. Warnings: Do not use while driving or using heavy machinery, over use can cause some side effects, always use both hands.

    *Organic Ingredients: Blend of  Organic Oils of *Olive *Fractionated Coconut, *Hemp, *Sweet Almond And *Apricot Kernel Oils with a hint of Calendula & Chamomile oils.


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